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Water Management:-

Extensive work is done in water resource development for past 20 years.It has set up decentralized formulae for water management at rural and urbun sector.
Water management cell of GETPL provide comprehensive services up to turn-key basis that include soil and water conservation treatments, water balance and water rechargind methods as well as surface and roof rain water harvesting.
It help the beneficiaty to set a self sustainable model of water supply throughout the year.

1.Water Conservation.
2.Soil Conservation.
3.Water Recharge.
4.Water storage and Harvesting.
5.Roof Rain Water Harvesting Components.

Energy Consultant:-

1. Energy Audits

In an industry top three operating expenses are often found to be energy (electrical and thermal), labors and material. Energy emerges as a top ranker in the manageability of the cost. Energy Audit helps to manage this energy cost.

Energy Audit would give positive orientation to Energy cost reduction, Preventive maintenance and Quality control programmes.

GETPL offers the quality energy solutions to the clients with assessment of energy flows with the help of sophisticated instruments. With the analysis of field results and simulations of problems we provide optimum solutions in energy usage.

We provide technically feasible and low cost energy saving solutions. We assess and analyze the energy guzzlers like Motors, Pumps, Compressors, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. systems, Boilers, Furnaces, Lighting systems etc.

Our Energy Audits consist of a comprehensive analysis of the utility bills, assessment of the facilities and a comprehensive report and presentation of the suggested energy conservation opportunities, a financial analysis of each opportunity in energy savings.

Bio-Energy Consultant:-

biogas to power

GETPL provides consultancy in bio-methanation based electricity generation projects which comprise comprehensive solutions ranging from agricultural substrate management processes like solid waste management.

Biomass Pellets:-

• Biomass pellets can be made from a variety of raw materials such as saw dust, cow dung, agricultural residues, energy crops, food waste, industrial waste and co-products etc.
• Biomass pellets are generally a superior fuel when compared to their raw feedstock. Not only are the pellets more energy dense, they are also easier to handle.
• These advantages, when combined with the sustainable and ecologically sound properties of the fuel, make it very attractive to use.How to use Biomass Pellets in a Stove?

• Fill biomass pellets in the chamber of the stove • Start the fan of the stove
• Ignite the top layer of the pellets by an external medium. Once this top layer in fired, the gradual burning of the rest of the layers starts.
• Flame can be controlled by using the regulator of the fan
• The process goes on and on till all the pellets are consumed

Comparison of Biomass Pellets with LPG Cylinder

Comparison of Biomass Pellets with LPG Cylinder
Comparison of LPG with Pellets
Quantity ( in Kg.)
Cost (in Rs.)
Quantity of Pellets
Cost of Pellets
Cost Per Kg.
Daily use of Fuel
Monthly Consumption
Yearly Consumption
Yearly Saving
  • Easily Available.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • Smoke-less, pollution-free cooking!.
  • Safer to use than LPG, Kerosene etc.
  • Much more efficient than firewood.
  • Cheaper alternative to commercial LPG.